CHPD C&A4 Patient and Caregiver Information Sheets

The Patient and Caregiver Information Sheets provided for owners of the Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs for Children and Adolescents (4th ed.) as printable pdf files contain information that may be passed on to patients and their caregivers about some of the most frequently used psychotropic medications as well as a nonpharmacological intervention.

The sheets are designed to be easily understood by patients, parents, and caregivers, give details on such matters as the uses of the drug, how quickly it starts working, how long it should be taken, side effects and what to do if they occur, what to do if a dose is forgotten, drug interactions, and precautions. Information sheets such as these, of course, cannot replace a proper consultation with and advice from the physician or other medical professional, but can serve as a useful tool to increase compliance, improve efficacy, and enhance safety.

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