Call for Registered Replication Studies

Experimental Psychology wants to encourage researchers to carry out replication research using its Registered Report format.

Replication studies may be:

  •     Direct (i.e., using the same research protocol as the original study); or
  •     Conceptual (i.e., an investigation of the same research question with a different research protocol).  

    Using a 2-stage review system, study protocols are reviewed by peers before data collection commences, and results from accepted studies will be published regardless of the direction or statistical significance of the outcome (for more information see our Author Instructions).

    What Are We Offering?

    As an additional incentive, the editors of Experimental Psychology and its publisher, Hogrefe Publishing, will for the next two years award grants of €500 for each of two replication studies that pass Stage 1 of the 2-stage review process. The grant money may be used for any purpose as long as it is related to the replication, and it will be paid even in the unlikely case of the submitted article being rejected at Stage 2. Proposals can be submitted at any time and there are no additional requirements for participation.

      How to Apply?

      1.     When you submit your manuscript online, send an email to the Editor-in-Chief in which you apply for the
            grant. Send email.
      2.     Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis each year, for a period of 2 years,
            starting September 1, 2023.
      3.     Grants will be paid after the Stage 2 decision.
      4.     Grants will be paid directly by Hogrefe Publishing.