Scientific Research and Collaboration

Join us in our data collection efforts

Psychological or Educational Professional? Hogrefe Publishing is looking for psychological and educational professionals to join our team of experienced examiners who collect standardization data for our clinical and educational assessments. Examiners recruit and test qualified participants and submit the data to Hogrefe Publishing for inclusion in our pilot studies, norming sample or validity studies. Examiners work with internal staff to become fluent in administration of the tests, to understand who a qualified candidate to test, and to learn the processes and procedures for collecting and submitting data.


Part of a University Program? Hogrefe Publishing wishes to collaborate with university programs so students can practice their assessment skills and have access to data to use for creating publications and presentations. Programs will be responsible for identifying and testing children as well as securing all associated parental permissions. Grant money is awarded to participating programs and can be used at the discretion of the university. The university may keep the test kits used for the study.


Part of an organization looking for a unique fundraising idea? Hogrefe Publishing would like to partner with your organization to recruit and test examinees as part of our assessment research studies. Schools, sports clubs, places of worship, and other organizations may participate as an official research site. As a research site, programs will distribute research flyers and recruit study participants from its membership. Organizations will receive $20.00 per participant recruited and tested. Compensation can be in the form of a check, Amazon gift card, or donations of specific items.

Interested in joining the global data collection effort? Contact:

Christina Kowalczyk

Director of Assessment