Hogrefe eLibrary

The eBook collection of the Hogrefe Publishing Group

The eBook collection of the Hogrefe Publishing Group

The Hogrefe Publishing Group is further expanding its eBook activities. With our eLibrary, we can provide university libraries, hospitals, and other institutions with an innovative technology that meets current requirements and is tailored to the needs of students, practitioners, and researchers.

More than 1,800 eBooks from the publishing group (in English, German, Italian) cover the topics of psychology, psychiatry, health sciences, and health care. New content is being added all the time. Approximately 180 titles are currently available in English.


Please find here the price and title list (July 28, 2023) of the Hogrefe eLibrary (excel file). This list contains only the English-language titles; for other languages, please email us. Please use this checklist (word file) for your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Technology
  • Access
  • Metadata
  • Admin interface for libraries (librarian backend)
  • Commercial matters
  • Contact information


Which service provider does Hogrefe work with? What technology are used?
Hogrefe eLibrary is based on the PubEngine® Technology by Weitkämper Technology GmbH (www.pubengine.de).

Which technical requirements are necessary?
You just need a current internet browser (supporting HTML5) and internet connection. For online access (“session handling”) the acceptance of cookies is required. You need a PDF viewer to open the files.

Is it possible to use the Hogrefe eLibrary on tablets and smartphones?
Yes, responsive design optimized for tablets and smartphones is available. The website recognizes the device and displays the best view. Having said that, many Hogrefe eBooks are best used on desktop or laptop computers, since the technical texts are often highly structured (tables, figures, questionnaires, etc.). For presentation on smartphones, you can switch to the “reading mode” of the Acrobat Reader.

Which file formats are offered?
Users receive the document or eBook as a PDF file.


Is IPv6 supported for IP access?
In addition to the established activation via IPv4 addresses, access is also enabled by the latest IP protocol IPv6, whereby IPv4 is entered by default.

Does the Hogrefe eLibrary support access via Shibboleth?
Yes, access via Shibboleth is offered during the registration process. The Hogrefe eLibrary is registered with the eduGAIN interfederation service (via the German DFN-AAI). If you wish your institution’s name to be included in the dropdown list for Shibboleth access and are also registered with eduGAIN, please send an email with your entity ID to elibrary@hogrefe.com.

Is remote access possible?
Remote access is possible via an installed VPN client or HAN.

Is remote access also allowed for national libraries?
Basically yes. However, there must be an agreement with the publisher.

Is remote access possible via EZ-Proxy?
Please refer to OCLC for details of EZProxy configuration with SSL and the appropriate note: “In order for EZproxy to give remote users access to resources with secure URLs, you must obtain, install, and configure an SSL Certificate.” EZProxy can be a technically unstable form of access control, and so we cannot guarantee and support a flawless process.

When do users have to register or log in individually?
Registration is required for personalized uses such as saving searches and saving titles to personal reading lists.


Does Hogrefe provide metadata and deep links (static links) for inclusion in the library catalog?
Hogrefe provides the MARC data of all titles for download – since 2017 as Full Level Records by OCLC. Hogrefe’s MARC records adhere to OCLC’s Bibliographic Formats and Standards and are compliant with Resource Description & Access (RDA) descriptive cataloging standards. The records include an OCLC control number, Library of Congress classification number, Dewey Decimal classification number, at least one authority-controlled Library of Congress Subject Heading, authority controlled name and series headings, descriptive elements and the URL for that resource.

Username: Hogrefe_eLibrary
Pass word: yrarbiLe_Marc

Is Hogrefe working with a Discovery Service?
Hogrefe's eBooks are indexed in Primo Central, a ExLibris / ProQuest discovery service. The data will also be displayed by OCLC in the WorldCat.

How is a deep link / static link to the eBook structured?
The deep link consists of the base URL of the Hogrefe eLibrary and the eBook ISBN / DOI of the PDF. You can see the respective deep link in the grey box next to the title entry "Link document".

Are there DOIs for the eBooks?
In the older backlist we still use the eBook ISBN of the PDF as identifier. However, DOIs have been registered for all new titles since 2016/2017.

Admin interface for libraries (librarian backend)

What advantages does the admin interface have for libraries?
Via the admin interface you can check which titles and packages you have ordered as well as the IP ranges. You can also download the COUNTER statistics here. Banner texts and link resolvers are also possible.

How can a library access the admin interface?
The access data is sent to administrators by e-mail. Registration takes place using the “Login” button. Under your name in the top right, click on “Administration”.

We lost our access data to the admin interface. What do we have to do?
Please contact elibrary@hogrefe.com. We will create new access data for you.

Who can we contact for problems with MARC data and COUNTER statistics?
Please contact elibrary@hogrefe.com and describe as precisely as possible which information is missing or incorrect. We will then look for a solution together with our service providers.

How can we download a title list of licensed eBooks (KBART)?
In your admin backend you can download the title list of your licensed eBooks in KBART format. In addition to the most important bibliographic information, you will also find the deeplinks for all titles here. (To view the data in Excel: just copy the txt data and paste it into an empty Excel spreadsheet.)

Commercial matters

Is there a setup or hosting fee?

Is there a minimum order?
With the purchase model, there is a minimum order value for the initial order, which depends on the size of your institution (FTEs or RPs). More detailed information can be found in the current leaflet. With the subscription model we will make sure that the number of titles is not less than 3, so that the utility of the eLibrary remains apparent.

Contact information

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