Submitting a book proposal

Hogrefe is interested in publishing books for professionals, clinicians, students, researchers, and scholars, in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, mental health, and medicine. We not only pride ourselves on the quality of our publications, in whichever medium or area: As one of the few remaining privately owned scientific and professional publishers around, we also pride ourselves on the good personal relations we maintain with authors, often for many years. Please note that we do not publish fiction, poetry, biographies, or autobiographies.

In general, we prefer initially to receive a proposal or prospectus about your authored or edited work, rather than a complete manuscript. Contact details are given at the end of this document. Please note that we cannot guarantee to return proposals submitted by regular mail. We do promise, however, to make every effort to respond to your proposal within 4 weeks.
A good proposal should clearly explain the book’s objectives and, perhaps most importantly, the benefits and advantages it provides to readers. It should be brief (a few pages), and cover the points listed below. Please remember that it is worth your while to prepare the proposal carefully, as it is your first step as an author/editor in convincing reviewers and readers of the qualities of your book and your writing.

1. Description

Indicate the proposed title/subtitle, author(s)/editor(s), and their affiliations. Please briefly (in a few paragraphs) describe the work, the type of book (eg., textbook, supplementary text, monograph, professional reference), its approach, and your aims in writing the book, including what you consider to be its distinctive or unique features compared to other publications on the market.

2. Table of contents / chapter outline

Please include the table of contents. If possible at this stage, this should include chapter headings and subheadings, along with short descriptions to clarify the outline (e.g., a paragraph or two per chapter). If it is an edited book, you should give the names and affiliations of chapter authors, as well as indicating whether they have already committed to authoring their chapter or whether you just plan to approach them.

3. Audience and market

Please indicate as precisely as you can what you see as the audience for your book. Is it primarily intended for clinicians, academics, students, researchers, professionals? For which specialties? And at what level? Are there secondary audiences? Is the book intended for course use, and if so, for which ones? Do you yourself teach such courses? What is your expectation of the size of the market? Do you know of professional organizations or mailing lists that would be useful in promoting the book?

4. Competing titles

Please indicate author, title, publisher, edition, publication date, length, and price - or as much of this information as you can easily obtain - for the main competing works, if any. Online bookstores and publishers’ web pages are a useful resource here. A brief description of the strengths and weaknesses of any competing works, as well as how your work differs from them in terms of style, organization, coverage, pedagogy, and level will be helpful.

5. Sample chapters

It is often helpful to see one or two sample chapters, though this will of course depend on the stage at which you approach us.

6. Additional and technical information

What will be the approximate length of your book: number of words or characters, number and type of figures, tables, references? Do you have any specific suggestions concerning size, binding, or other features of the published book? When do you expect to have the manuscript complete?

7. Reviewers

We often have proposals reviewed by external advisors, who review for us in confidence, but are also happy to ask the opinion of people you may suggest. Feel free to recommend potential reviewers (name and affiliation). If there are people who would not be appropriate because their approach or perspective differs greatly from yours, please also list them.

8. CV / resume

A copy of the short form of your and your coauthor(s) CV/resume will also be helpful.

Please submit your proposal and ancillary materials either:

  • By email
  • By regular mail

We look forward to hearing from you!

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