Open access in our journals

Learn more about open access, Hogrefe OpenMind, and our publishing models. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Open Access in all our journals. We call it OpenMind!

Picture of Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe, CEO of the Hogrefe Publishing Group.
Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe

"The Hogrefe Publishing Group has been publishing scientific literature for over 70 years. In doing so, we have always seen ourselves as part of the scientific world for which and with which we publish. Our common goal is the sustainable and highest possible visibility and distribution of the content that our authors entrust to us. In line with this goal and considering the academic world's increasing interest in open access, we offer open access publishing in addition to the traditional publishing model in all our journals. We have called this OpenMind!"

Open access funding for authors in Germany and Switzerland

The Publish & Read model allows authors to publish open access in our psychology and psychiatry journals without themselves having to pay a fee and at the same time provides access to approx. 25,000 published articles. There are more than 100 institutions in Germany participating in this agreement. In Switzerland, another agreement has been reached with the “IG Hochschulbibliotheken PH.” We’ve summarized the most important points for you in our FAQs for authors.

Hogrefe OpenMind - our program for your Open Access publication in all our journals

Our open access program allows you to publish OA in any of our journals. After acceptance by the editors, your article will go into production and you will receive information about how you can choose between open access publication or the traditional publication model. Whichever publication model you choose, your article will be handled in the same way by Hogrefe and by the editors of the journal in which it is to be published.

Publication fees: Helpful information

Hogrefe is committed to promoting and furthering open access and would like to support authors in publishing open access. We have put together some useful tips on how to fund article publication charges (APC).

Open access journals

As well as having the option of publishing open access in any of our traditional journals, you will also find fully open access journals in our portfolio. They are indexed in major indices and databases like the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) to heighten visibility, speed of dissemination, and impact.

Please visit the journals’ homepages for further information.

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