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Hogrefe publishes a variety of clinical, educational, and occupational assessments. As an international company, many are translated into different languages and used across the world. If you have developed an instrument that could add depth to our existing portfolio and you are interested in publishing with us, please contact us.

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Hogrefe publication process

Publishing a high-quality psychometric assessment requires a significant investment of time and resources by both publisher and author(s). Whether your assessment is accepted for publication partly depends on the extent to which the test, test manual, and evidence contain the information that an experienced and informed psychologist would need in order to use and trust the measure.

The manual should demonstrate clear evidence of the psychometric properties of the assessment, detailing the extent and strength of the underpinning research. Norms appropriate for the intended purposes of the test should be provided and  details about the assessment should be directly supported by empirical evidence and/or other scientific arguments. 

It will be the author’s responsibility to check that all references to named people and/or organizations do not contain any libelous implications, and the accuracy of the opinion, factual reporting, data, figures and illustrations therein is the responsibility of the author(s). 

It is also the author’s responsibility to acknowledge all material protected by copyright and legislation and to supply Hogrefe with written permission from the copyright holder (publisher/author) on submission of the manuscript. Hogrefe is to be informed in writing of any item that is restricted or currently awaiting confirmation of permission, including: 

  • Pictures 
  • Figures 
  • Texts (extracts or a series of extracts) 
  • Tables or edited tables taken from other published works; this includes work created by the author which was then assigned to a publisher other than Hogrefe 
  • A company or organization on which a case study has been based 
  • References to products, software, trademarks or the reproduction of logos/emblems/insignias 

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