Foreign Rights

We would be happy to provide you with information on how to use our publications in other languages and editions.

Translation for commercial purposes

The Hogrefe group’s list of publications includes around 2,500 books, 1,400 psychometric tests, and more than 40 scientific journals in various different languages. A very small selection of our English, German, and Dutch language books are presented in our rights catalogue (pdf-file).

To browse all our publications, please visit our local sites. Click here for an overview of the Hogrefe companies

If you are interested in translating and publishing any of our titles, we will be happy to send you reading copies or answer any questions. Please either contact us by email or use the Inquiry form.

Translation for research purposes

If you would like to translate and adapt one of our test instruments for your research study, the following conditions apply: 

  • Our publishing house is holder of the copyright of the translated version of the publication
  • You send us an electronic version of the translated version
  • You use it only for research purposes with no commercial use
  • You must send us the data you collected in your study to allow us to further develop and improve our tests