Reprinting or reproducing material from psychometric tests

If you are thinking of reproducing a questionnaire from one of our psychometric tests within your thesis or dissertation, please note that we can only grant permission under the following conditions.


  • We cannot grant you permission if you are planning to make your thesis/dissertation freely available online.
  • The material that is being reproduced must be watermarked with the word “sample”, written in large letters diagonally across the entire page.
  • The original supplier must be referenced, for instance with the following text: Supplier of [insert test name]: Hogrefe Publishing Group,
  • A full bibliographic reference to the Hogrefe publication is provided.
  • For reprints for commercial purposes we may charge a fee (you will receive information regarding this upon your request).
  • For reprints for commercial purposes we may require the receipt of sample copies.

Please note that we cannot make any electronic files available and that you will need to contact us prior to reprinting or reproducing any part of a Hogrefe test.

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