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Our books and journals are protected by copyright. If you would like to reprint or reproduce any of our publications, in whole or in part (e.g. figures, tables), in another work, written permission is required.

Please check before requesting permission from us whether Hogrefe is indeed the original rights holder for the particular table, figure or text passage that you wish to reprint or reproduce. If we are not, then permission must be obtained from the original rights holder.

Please note that we cannot provide any electronic files.

Required information

To request such permission, please send us an email with the following Information.

  • Your name, address and email
  • The Hogrefe publication from which you wish to reproduce material (full bibliographic reference)
  • Exact description of the material you wish to reproduce (e.g., “Figure 3 on page 28”).
  • The publication in which you plan to reproduce the material (full bibliographic reference).

If the material is to be reproduced in a book, also:

  • Publication format (hardcover, softcover, eBook, etc.)
  • Print run
  • Planned publication date
  • Planned list price

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