Embitterment, Posttraumatic Embitterment Disorder, and Wisdom Therapy

by Michael Linden

Print edition
Embitterment, Posttraumatic Embitterment Disorder, and Wisdom Therapy (PDF & EPUB)
ISBN: 9781616766122
2023, vi/106 pages
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Print edition
Embitterment, Posttraumatic Embitterment Disorder, and Wisdom Therapy
ISBN: 9780889376120
2023, viii/106 pages
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Practical expert guidance on embitterment disorders

  • Learn about the evidence-base of PTED and wisdom therapy
  • Teach clients skills to overcome embitterment
  • Tips on social, legal, and medical apsects
  • Includes printable handouts
  • A companion book for clients is available

More about the book

Feelings of embitterment and posttraumatic embitterment disorder are common in our society and result from reactions to injustices, humiliation, and breaches of trust. They can lead to significant suffering in those affected and to those around them although the clients may be otherwise psychopathologically inconspicuous. The aggressiveness of this client group, as well as their rejection of help, among other factors, is challenging for practitioners and makes treatment complex. Help is at hand with this practical evidence-based guide that provides models for the development and continuation of such embitterment states as well as outlines how to diagnose embitterment disorder. The reader is guided through the state-of-the-art treatment approaches for embitterment disorder: cognitive behavior therapy with wisdom strategies.

Teach your clients how to process their internalized feelings of hurt and humiliation so that they can create the conditions to reconcile themselves with the events that triggered these difficult and long-lasting states. The book is full of practice-oriented tips to help clients actively gain closure with the past and enable a new orientation towards the future. One method to reach this goal is the reevaluation of the critical events and their consequences. Wisdom therapy provides various tools for this, and these techniques are brought to life with numerous case vignettes. The author also provides tips on the social, medical, and legal aspects associated with this disorder, for example, questions of work incapacity and criminal responsibility.

Helpful information for clients is provided in the accompanying book, How to Overcome Embitterment With Wisdom.

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From the reviews

"PTED (post-traumatic embitterment disorder) challenges even the most experienced of therapists. Many of the symptoms overlap with other disorders, in particular PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), but it is almost unique in that the patient does not believe they are the problem. The book is written for therapists as if the author knows their struggle with PTED patients all too well. He begins the process teaching readers that a new approach is necessary – “wisdom therapy” allows the readers inspiration to customize his vignettes to the patient with whom they are working. This practical guide to introducing wisdom therapy into the therapeutic conversation can turn the tables without patients realizing their thoughts might actually change for the better – a valuable tool in the toolbox!"
Jill N. Littrell, BA, MA, MA, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL, in Doody’s Reviews, November 2022

Praise for the book

"This book fills an important gap in the literature. It provides essential tools for identifying and treating a disorder whose importance is increasingly recognized. A proper assessment of embitterment and related symptomatology is essential for understanding clinical pictures that would otherwise be subsumed under ill-defined rubrics, such as burn-out. This highly readable manual is an essential reference for health care providers."
Giovanni A. Fava, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA

"Embitterment is common and in severe form can present as post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED). Media reports of acrimonious divorces or protracted disputes between neighbors highlight the distress it can cause. Despite this, embitterment is often difficult to treat using conventional psychological therapies. It may be underestimated or inadequately understood by clinicians, but more importantly, people with embitterment usually reject therapy because of their strong conviction that the solution to their difficulties lies in change by others rather than within themselves. In this book, Professor Michael Linden, the leading authority on PTED, introduces the features of embitterment and how to recognize them. The bulk of the book is devoted to describing an innovative psychological intervention – wisdom therapy – that succeeds in engaging embittered people and has shown promising results in treatment. Particular strengths of the book are its extensive use of vignettes to illustrate different stages of the therapy and its very helpful practical guidance."
Tom Sensky, PhD FRCPsych, Emeritus Professor of Psychological Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Brain Sciences, Imperial College, London, UK

"Michael Linden’s book on embitterment, posttraumatic embitterment disorder, and wisdom therapy is an outstanding scientific achievement in understanding and treating an underrecognized condition. Embitterment as a disorder not only makes a person suffer, but also leads sufferers to seek allies who share their misfortune. This can lead to social exclusion. The motivation of sufferers to find guilty parties for their own unhappiness and to punish them makes treatment of this condition very difficult but, as the book shows, not impossible. The dynamics of PTED necessitate a new approach to intervention. In my opinion, wisdom therapy is a crucial advancement of cognitive psychotherapy in that it guides individuals to put their own point of view into perspective and learn to accept intractable problems. This book has my highest recommendation!"
Hansjörg Znoj, PhD, Emeritus Professor, University of Berne, Switzerland

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