A Comparison of Approaches

by Ralf Schulze

Meta-Analysis (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616762803
1st edition 2004, 253 pages
Out of print

In many scientific fields, meta-analysis has become the standard method for summarizing research findings. The number of published applications of the method has been steadily growing in the last 25 years and the statistical procedures of meta-analysis continue to become more and more advanced. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the statistical procedures for meta-analysis with correlations as an effect size. "This book is a must for the researcher wanting to have a further understanding and evaluation of meta-analysis methods. This book should help the target audience in making an informed choice and evaluation of the approaches and the corresponding results of meta-analysis".
Diane M. Tomasic, EdD, RN (West Liberty State College)

"...this is a timely book which should be included...on the bookshelves of those with a particularinterest or expertise in statistics"
Lt. Col. N. K. Cooper RAMC, Consultant in Occupational Medicine, Army Personnel Centre in
Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, 2004

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