Suicidal Behaviour

Suicidal Behaviour

Theories and Research Findings

Edited by: Diego De Leo, Unni Bille-Brahe, A. J. F. M. Kerkhof, Armin Schmidtke

Suicidal Behaviour (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616762674
1st edition 2004, 336 pages
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Suicidal Behaviour

A practical handbook for all those concerned with the prevention of suicide, this book is unique in that it is based on the wealth of experience gained over many years in different populations during the WHO/EURO Multicenter Study on Suicidal Behaviour. With contributions from some of the world’s best-known investigators, as well as those involved in the practical side of suicide prevention, this is an invaluable state-of-the-art resource, replete with information on the epidemiology of suicidal behavior, the relationship between attempted and completed suicide, suicidal behavior in particular groups, gender differences, risk factors and predictors for non-fatal and fatal suicidal behavior, methods of suicide, attitudes towards suicide, clinical aspects, and treatment and prevention recommendations.

Table of Contents

Preface, Benedetto Saraceno


Suicide prevention - Background, Problems, Strategies:Introductory Remarks - Wolfgang Rutz
TheWHO/Euro Multi-Centre Study on Suicidal Behaviour: Its Background, History, Aims and Design - Unni. Bille-Brahe, Armin Schmidtke, Ad J. F. M. Kerkhof and Diego De Leo

Theoretical Aspects

Definitions of Suicidal Behaviour - Diego De Leo, Shelley Burgis, J. M. Bertolote, Ad D. J. F. Kerkhof and Unni Bille-Brahe
Psychological Dimensions of Attempted Suicide: Theories and Data - Elene Chopin, Ad J. F. M. Kerkhof and Ella Arensman
The Psychobiology of Suicidal Behaviour - Cornelis Van Heeringen, Gwendolyn Portzky and Kurt Audenaert
Intentional Aspects of Non-Fatal Suicidal Behaviour - Heidi Hjelmeland and Keith Hawton

Research Findings

Socio-Demographic Variables of Suicide Attempters - Armin Schmidtke and Cordula Löhr
Negative Life Events and Non-Fatal Suicidal Behaviour - Ella Arensman and Ad J. F. M. Kerkhof
Repetition of Attempted Suicide: Frequent, but Hard to Predict - Ad. J. F. M. Kerkhof and Ella Arensman
Marital Relations of Suicide Attempters - Cordula Löhr and Armin Schmidtke
Physical Illness and Suicidal Behaviour - Diego De Leo, Jacinta Hawgood, and Kym Spathonis
Addiction and Suicidal Behaviour: Questions and Answers in the EPIS - Helen Keeley, Paul Corcoran, and Unni Bille-Brahe
Sexual Abuse and Suicidal Behaviours - Ellinor Salander-Renberg, Sibylla Lindgren, and Inger Österberg
The Importance of Social Support - Unni Bille-Brahe and Borge Jensen
Imitation of Suicidal Behaviour - Armin Schmidtke, Cordula Löhr, Unni Bille-Brahe, and Diego De Leo
Seasonality and other Temporal Fluctuations in Suicidal Behaviour: Myths, Realities and Results - Gert Jessen

Suicidal Behaviour in Special Interest Groups

Suicidal Behaviour Among Young People - Ella Arensman and Keith Hawton
Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour in Late Life - Diego De Leo and Kym Spathonis
Immigrants and Attempted Suicide in Europe - Halise Devrimci Ozguven, Isik Sayil, Bora Baskak and Unni Bille-Brahe

Clinical Aspects in Non-Fatal Suicidal Behaviour

Contacts with Health Care Facilities Prior to Suicide Attempts - Sandor Fekete, Peter Osvath and Konrad Michel
Suicide Attempters, Health Care Systems and the Quality of Treatments - Unni Bille-Brahe and Cordula Löhr "The book has many strengths. Since causes of suicidal behavior are diverse, the book correctly encompasses a broad range of known factors, including cultural and social factors... The book provides comprehensive reviews of multiple topics that are relevant to suicidal behavior. These will be of interest to people with extensive expertise in suicidology, as well as to mental health professionals in general. Readers will also find important data derived from the WHO/EURO study itself."
Menahem Krakowski in Community Mental Health Journal, Vol. 42, April 2006

"...presents clinicians with updated information that may prove vitalto effectively preventing suicide....the essays compiled within this text represent an important voice forthose advocating the need for increased attention to an oft-ignoredinternational public health concern....the text provides excellent insight into this ages-old problem for both global healthcare professionals and laymen interested in learning moreabout suicide."
Journal of the National Medical Association, November 2006

"...this book is useful for anyone interested in the treatment, research, or prevention of suicidal behavior....addresses a wide range of topics....Undoubtedly broad in its scope, and more culturally inclusive than many other studies of its kind....illustrates the tremendous need for further research and understanding of this troublesome and tragic behavior."
Steven T. Herron, MD (University of Arizona Health Sciences Center) in Doody's Book Review

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