Work–Life Balance in the Time of Corona

A Selection of Complimentary Readings from Journal of Personnel Psychology

The editors of our Journal of Personnel Psychology have put together reading lists of articles published in the journal that readers may find relevant to life and work during the current coronavirus pandemic. We are delighted to make them freely available on our journals platform for all to read who are interested in some food for thought. The selected papers are divided into three broad categories:

  • Health care
  • Balancing work, life and resources
  • Virtual or remote work and online assessment

Here, a shout out to Journal of Personnel Psychology’s Managing Editor Petra Gelléri for compiling and commenting the selection!

We at Hogrefe are still here for you – and hope you’ll find the selected articles bring you some insights and ideas in these troubling times.

Virtual or Remote Work and Online Assessment

Editor’s remarks: As a consequence of the pandemic, working from home has become essential for some professions. This means that there is a powerful shift towards virtual or remote work at the moment. The following papers address the topic of working (together) virtually in different contexts. Five of these papers stem from a special issue edited by Karins S. Moser and Carolyn M. Axtell in early 2013. 

Applicant Perceptions of Initial Job Candidate Screening With Asynchronous Job Interviews - Does Personality Matter?
Annemarie M. F. Hiemstra, Janneke K. Oostrom, Eva Derous, Alec W. Serlie, Marise Ph. Born
Published online: August 1, 2019

Challenges in Norm Formation and Adherence 
The Knowledge, Skills, and Ability Requirements of Virtual and Traditional Cross-Cultural Teams 

Stefan Krumm, Katrin Terwiel, Guido Hertel 
Published online: February 25, 2013

Swift Trust in Global Virtual Teams - Trusting Beliefs and Normative Actions 
C. Brad Crisp, Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa 
Published online: February 25, 2013

Emotion Display Norms in Virtual Teams 
Ella Glikson, Miriam Erez  
Published online: February 25, 2013

The Role of Norms in Virtual Work  
A Review and Agenda for Future Research

Karin S. Moser, Carolyn M. Axtell  
Published online: February 25, 2013

Emergence of Differing Electronic Communication Norms Within Partially Distributed Teams 
Arik Cheshin, Yongsuk Kim, D. Bos Nathan, Nan Ning, Judith S. Olson 
Published online: February 25, 2013

Balancing Work, Life, and Resources

Editor’s remarks: The Journal of Personnel Psychology has also published some research on consequences of work on well-being, stress, private life, etc. The following resources might be helpful for scientists in furthering their research questions or practitioners trying to understand and help employees cope with the current situation and demanding work circumstances.

When Work Takes Over –  Emotional Labor Strategies and Daily Ruminations About Work While at Home
Bettina S. Wiese, Heike Heidemeier, Christian L. Burk, Alexandra M. Freund
Published online: March 10, 2017

Work–Home Interface and Well-Being – A Cross-Lagged Analysis 
Audrey Babic, Florence Stinglhamber, and Isabelle Hansez  
Published online: September 22, 2016

How Managers Respond to Exhausted Employees
Caroline Kranabetter, Cornelia Niessen
Published online: July 8, 2016

Supportive Climate and Its Protective Role in the Emotion Rule Dissonance–Emotional Exhaustion Relationship – A Multilevel Analysis
Silvia Ortiz-Bonnín, M. Esther García-Buades, Amparo Caballer, Dieter Zapf
Published online: July 8, 2016

Does Autonomy Increase or Decrease Negative Emotional Displays From Service Workers? A Test of Competing Hypotheses
Brandon W. Smit, Liam C. Ryan, Courtney A. Nelson
Published online: July 8, 2016

Learning Climate and Workplace Learning – Does Work Restructuring Make a Difference?
Irina Nikolova, Joris Van Ruysseveldt, Karen Van Dam, Hans De Witte
Published online: May 27, 2016

Work Intensification and the Work-Home Interface – The Moderating Effect of Individual Work-Home Segmentation Strategies and Organizational Segmentation Supplies
Bettina Kubicek, Sara Tement
Published online: May 27, 2016

Control in Flexible Working Arrangements – When Freedom Becomes Duty
Cornelia Gerdenitsch, Bettina Kubicek, Christian Korunka
Published online: August 3, 2015

The Influences of Work and Home Interference and Facilitation on Job Satisfaction 
An Attachment Theory Perspective
Alexandra Chong, Myla Gordo, and Judith Gere  
Published online: March 21, 2018

Job Resources and Regulatory Focus as Moderators of Short-Term Stressor-Strain Relations – A Daily Diary Study 
Marieke van den Tooren, Jan de Jonge
Published online: July 7, 2011

Health Care

Editor’s remarks: Some of the research published in the Journal of Personnel Psychology deals with health-care professionals, a group that is especially vulnerable at current times, as they are working the front lines. We hope the following resources help researchers and practitioners to better understand and aid these persons during the exceptional circumstances of the corona crisis.