Strengths-Based Resilience

A Practitioner’s Manual for the SBR Program

by Tayyab Rashid, Jane Gillham, Afroze Anjum

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Print edition
Strengths-Based Resilience (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616765644
2025, xvi/286 pages
Print edition
Strengths-Based Resilience
ISBN: 9780889375642
2025, xvi/286 pages

Help your clients and students use their strengths to build resilience

  • Evidence-based
  • Strengths-based
  • Skills that clients can integrate into daily life
  • Clearly structured modules

More about the book

In a world full of stress and uncertainty, educators and clinicians are pivotal in fostering resilience — the capacity to thrive amid life's challenges. Strengths-Based Resilience: A Practitioner’s Manual for the SBR Program offers more than mere knowledge; it is a practical guide for embarking on a transformative journey. This book empowers readers to teach resilience skills that help people grow and flourish.

Integrating scientific insights with the art of applied practice, this manual draws from the trio of positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. With 14 carefully designed modules, facilitators can translate theoretical principles into actionable steps that help participants navigate life's obstacles with agility and cultivate an approach to life that harnesses and honors their personal strengths.

The SBR program helps to realize a future where resentment gives way to appreciation, connections are strengthened through positive interactions, and families and communities collaborate for the collective good.

This color-illustrated manual is an essential resource for mental health practitioners and educators aiming to help craft a more resilient world for tomorrow.

A separate companion workbook is available for clients.

Praise for the book

“Masterful. This is the #1 resilience manual!”
Ryan M. Niemiec, Author of Character Strengths Interventions and Mindfulness and Character Strengths; Chief Science & Education Officer, VIA Institute on Character)

“The go-to manual for strengths-based resilience.”
Martin E. P. Seligman, The founder of positive psychology

“Written by the leading experts in the field with a deep understanding of the science and the challenges of putting resilience work into practice, I can’t think of a better resource to recommend to anyone wanting to strengthen their clients’ and students’ resilience and improve their quality of life. This manual is beautifully structured to support deep development and change. Focusing on the skills to develop focused attention and relaxation, it helps create a solid ground on which to build resilience. By taking a strengths-based approach and sharing practical skills to cultivate healthy interpersonal and community connections, this framework provides real potential to ”weed out” negativity and change a life-trajectory to one based on resilience. The manual reflects the deep understanding, experience, and values of its creators – it is culturally inclusive, practical, and connects the reader to a treasure trove of further resources and practical applications.”
Denise Quinlan, PhD, MAPP, Director of Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience, New Zealand

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