The Mindfulness and Character Strengths Workbook

by Ryan M. Niemiec

Print edition
The Mindfulness and Character Strengths Workbook (PDF & EPUB)
ISBN: 9781616766382
2024, xii/156 pages
Print edition
The Mindfulness and Character Strengths Workbook
ISBN: 9780889376380
2024, xii/156 pages

Use proven mindfulness techniques with your strengths to flourish in life

  • Proven to be superior to the world’s most popular mindfulness program
  • Helps people simultaneously build well-being and manage stress
  • Packed with stories, practices, tips, and insightful research findings

Do we really have all we need within us to be happier, healthier, less stressed, or less anxious in life? This book shows you how that can be true – people who apply this book’s practices in their life have been shown to experience these benefits. You will learn how you can build your happiness and manage your stress at the same time!

Dr. Ryan Niemiec, a global leader in character strengths and mindfulness, expertly walks you through how you can develop your best qualities. Some of these qualities – whether it is courage, zest, creativity, mindfulness, hope, self-regulation, or leadership – may be hidden, blocked, or lost. They are awaiting your discovery!

Modern science is revealing new pathways for living a full life. The practices and ideas compiled in this book are some of the best strategies available to help you lead that life of authenticity, peace, strength, and meaning. And, these strategies aren’t just for you – they’re for all of us. They help build stronger relationships and contribute to the greater good.

Packed with stories, practices, tips, and insightful research findings, this book has everything you need to work with your strengths and your mindfulness and bring it all together. What you have here is a toolbox of strategies for life. The toolbox is woven together in a process that you can easily tailor to your current work, family, and social life. This book can be also used in conjunction with participation in the groundbreaking Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) program.

Audio tracks (14) and handouts and worksheets (26) are available for download and personal use.

From the reviews

“This is a workbook, which means that it contains many activities and questions for reflection. An individual might work through the book, writing answers directly in the big spaces, causing the workbook to evolve into a personal manual for well-being. A pair of accountability buddies might swap books to see each other’s progress. A group might do the activities together and talk about the questions out loud.
The workbook is divided up into 8 training sessions. Think of it as a map for a journey to greater self-awareness and well-being. Each session starts with a powerful story that shows the session concept in action. After the body of each session comes a toolkit of ways to apply the ideas further.
Ryan Niemiec has taught people around the world to use mindfulness and character strengths together in order to live more flourishing lives. Whether for yourself or someone you treasure, his new workbook could be a holiday gift that makes a difference.”

Kathryn Britton, Chapel Hill, NC, in Positive Psychology News, 2023

Praise for the book

“In The Mindfulness and Character Strengths Workbook, Ryan Niemiec creates a tapestry of stories and instructions, questions, and insights that are meditations in and of themselves. This workbook is far more than a ‘how-to’ guide – it is an invitation by a master to awaken. If you are beginning or deepening your journey, this wise and wonderful companion will light the way.”
Dan Tomasulo, PhD, Academic Director, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA; Author of Learned Hopefulness and The Positivity Effect

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