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Anger Disorders Scale (ADS)

Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D. , Raymond Chip Tafrate, Ph.D.

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Measuring clinically dysfunctional anger by self-report.

Suitable for

18 to 76 years.

Product Description

Key features include:

  • Assesses anger as an independent problem, rather than as a secondary symptom of another issue.
  • Uses an Anger-In/Anger-Out modelmdash;which not only examines the physical aggression resulting from anger, but also the cognitions associated with anger that may be a part of affective aggression.
  • Items on the Anger Disorder Scale (ADS) were initially based on criteria being developed for an anger disorder that may be added to future versions of the DSM.
  • Helps clinicians assess both the internal experiences and expressive patterns of their clients' anger.
  • Provides a strong basis for developing appropriate treatment plans.

Areas measured:

The multidimensional structure represents 18 sub-scales distributed across five domains of emotions:

  • Provocations Domain: Scope of Anger Provocations, Hurt/Social Rejection
  • Arousal Domain: Physiological Arousal, Duration of anger, Episode Length
  • Cognitions Domain: Rumination, Resentment, Suspiciousness
  • Motives Domain: Revenge, Coercion, Tension Reduction
  • Behaviours Domain: Brooding, Verbal Expression, Physical Aggression, Passive Aggression, Relational Aggression, Indirect Aggression.

The scale provides a total score and scores for three higher-order factors:

  • Anger-in, Reactivity /Expression and Vengeance.

Qualification level required:
Level 2. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance


Over 1400 people recruited through educational, clinical and work environments from varying ethnic and socio-economic strata of US society.


Short version 5 to 10 minutes. Long version 20 minutes.

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