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Business-focused Inventory of Personality – 6 Factors (Second Edition)

R. Hossiep, C. Krüger, & C. R. Hossiep

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* Please note that HTS 5 tests are available for self-administration or with Hogrefe’s Administration Service

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The Business-focused Inventory of Personality – 6 Factors (BIP-6F) Second Edition is the latest edition of the BIP-6F. The BIP-6F Second Edition seeks to build upon and complement available psychometric instruments, by creating a brief and reliable business-focused assessment of personality for use in the workplace.

Now a BPS-registered test

Suitable for

Selection and development, aptitude testing, team development, coaching and career counselling, as well as business psychology research.

Language Versions

English, German, Italian and Russian.

Product Description

The BIP-6F Second Edition can be described as a statistical solution to the BIP, a pioneering measure recognised as contributing significantly to the overall acceptance of personality testing in the workplace.

The second edition has been refined and enhanced for a wider range of applications whilst delivering accessible, robust results. The self-rated measure takes just 5 to 10 minutes to complete, making it well-suited for use in selection and development contexts.

The BIP-6F Second Edition comprises the six factors of Ambition, Discipline, Social Competence, Cooperation, Dominance, and Stability, measured via a 42-item questionnaire. In contrast to many other assessments of personality, the BIP-6F has a distinct professional focus. This is evident in two ways: firstly, only professionally-relevant personality traits are included; secondly all of the items in the questionnaire are business-focused.

Validated against the NEO-FFI-3 (NEO-Five Factor Inventory-3), the BIP-6F Second Edition can provide valuable diagnostic information where individual description or assessment of personality traits in the workplace is important. It also offers an alternative to the BIP, and the two questionnaires can be used together to offer a complementary detailed and broad approach, depending on the objective of the assessment.

Now with English-speaking norm groups for the US, the UK, and a bilingual population, the BIP-6F is easier to use across organisational contexts, including international teams where the working language is English but, for individual members, English is not their first language.

Download the BIP-6F flyer here.

Qualification level required:
Test User Occupational: Personality, or equivalent. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance

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The average for internal consistencies (Cronbach's Alpha) is 0.79.


Six normative sample populations are available, based on country/language and managerial level:

  • UK working population
  • US working population
  • UK and US working population
  • Bilingual working population
  • UK and US management population
  • Bilingual management population


The BIP-6F Second Edition is an untimed assessment but takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.


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