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d2 Test of Attention

R. Brickencamp & E. Zilmer

Paper and Pencil
Paper and Pencil
Starter Set (Manual, 20 Recording Blanks, 2 Scoring Keys)
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The d2 has become one of the most widely-used measures of attention - particularly visual attention - throughout Europe. Used not only within clinical and educational settings, it is also used within the pharmaceutical and transport sectors, and finds further application in areas such as sports psychology.

The d2 Test of Attention has been praised for its value in measuring focus of attention - you can read more about its success with the Nottingham City Transport's new driver training programme here.

Please note that the d2 Test of Attention - Revised is available here.

Suitable for

Individuals aged 9 to 60 years

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Product Description

The d2 consists of 14 test lines with 47 characters in each line. Each character consists of a letter, 'd' or 'p' marked with one, two, three or four small dashes. The test taker is required to scan the lines and cross out all occurrences of the letter 'd' with two dashes while ignoring all other characters.

Watch or download the case study explaining how d2, together with the NEO PI-R personality assessment, helped one transport company reach their recruitment and training goals -- and saved them nearly 1.2 million in the process:

Qualification level required:
Test User Occupational: Ability, or equivalent. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance


8 minutes

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