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The Dark Triad of Personality at Work (TOP)

Dominik Schwarzinger & Heinz Schuler

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In a complex workplace, assessing the dark triad of personality (narcissism, Machiavellianism and subclinical psychopathy) is increasingly critical.

From a practitioner perspective, it is vital to be able to pinpoint not only an employee's 'bright side' but also the potential derailers that can impact performance and lead to serious financial and personal implications for employees and the organisation. Rather than assessing these derailers over a wide range, the TOP focuses in on the three that make the biggest difference to individual performance and organisational impact.

The TOP focuses unflinchingly and unapologetically on the 'dark side' via the dark triad of work behaviours. Dark traits are shown in research to be very effective predictors of job performance - and industry professionals can't afford to shy away from using the most effective, valid and valuable tools at their disposal.

Purchase the latest book by TOP author, Dominik Schwarzinger: The Dark Triad of Personality in Personnel Selection

Suitable for

The TOP offers insights that can be useful in any selection process, and often as part of development, particularly in leadership positions.

Language Versions

English and German (French and Italian in progress).

Product Description

The TOP measures work-related components of the dark triad of personality (which is composed of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and subclinical psychopathy). It is important to acknowledge that TOP does not measure the whole of the dark triad traits, but only the parts that are relevant to work. This makes the TOP usable and relevant to use in organisations, and in particular in the selection process.

Because the TOP measures only the work-related aspects of the original dark triad, it is appropriate to refer to them as the following:

Self-centred work approach

  • Claim to leadership
  • Belief in persuasive power
  • Need for authority
  • Appetite for risk
  • Sense of superiority

Enforcement-focused work attitude

  • Unsentimentality
  • Assertiveness
  • Scepticism

Uncommitted-impulsive style

  • Flexibility
  • Impulsivity
  • Extenuation

Download the TOP flyer here.

Sales of the test are limited to TUOA/TUOP (Level A/B) trained individuals and psychologists with relevant and extensive assessment experience. Please note purchase of a manual is mandatory to use this test.

We always recommend using the TOP as part of an overall selection process and not in isolation. Please call our customer support team to discuss how you can start using the TOP - and how it can be used in combination with the NEO Personality Inventory.

Qualification level required:
Test User Occupational: Personality, or equivalent. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance.

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Test Validity

Validated against the NEO-PI-3 (Big Five measure), Hogan Developmental Survey, and online SD3 (Short Dark Triad).


UK working population (N = 1,000), US working population (N = 1,000) and combined UK US Managerial norm groups are currently available.


The assessment takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.


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