Guide to Interpretation and Feedback (print edition)
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Emotional Processing Scale - Wellbeing (EPS-W)

Roger Baker

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* Please note that HTS 5 tests are available for self-administration or with Hogrefe’s Administration Service

Paper and Pencil
Guide to Interpretation and Feedback (print edition)
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* Please note that HTS 5 tests are available for self-administration or with Hogrefe’s Administration Service

Technical and Personal Insight Report - self-administration
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Guide to Interpretation and Feedback (digital edition)
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Guide to Interpretation and Feedback (print edition)


The Emotional Processing Scale – Wellbeing (EPS-W) is a 25-item questionnaire for identifying vulnerabilities to stress, improving wellbeing, and building resilience in the workplace.

Suitable for

Use in coaching and development across all organisational levels, or as part of a wellbeing intervention.

Product Description

The EPS-W presents respondents with 25 statements and asks them to rate how much each statement applies to the way they felt or acted during the past week. Several subscales are measured, and a total emotional processing score is generated.

The EPS-W Technical Report and Personal Insight Report have been created to help occupational psychologists and employees understand and enhance the way in which they handle emotions and specific situations (and not to be used in the context of employee selection).

The measure can be used to:

  • identify and quantify healthy and troubled styles of emotional processing;
  • assess the contribution of poor emotional processing to individual stress;
  • provide a framework to help employees understand and manage decisions; and
  • assist occupational psychologists in incorporating an emotional component into their formulations of organisational coaching.

The EPS-W can provide useful insights into how individuals and teams manage change, transitions, and challenges in roles. Some example areas of application include:

  • coaching or training to enhance resilience and wellbeing;
  • on-boarding in occupations that experience high stress or emotional events;
  • developing employees in customer facing roles;
  • coaching individuals who are or will be experiencing extremely stressful or demanding work environments;
  • as part of emotional intelligence development / wellbeing programmes;
  • leadership and management training;
  • personal development; and
  • helping those who are moving into new working practices for example individuals returning to work in an office environment after remote working.

The EPS-W follows the success of the original Emotional Processing Scale (EPS), which was published in 2015 for use in clinical settings. Administered online via the Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS), the EPS-W features a new Guide to Interpretation and Feedback, Technical Report and Personal Insight Report for relating the EPS questionnaire results to individuals in a work context.

Users of the EPS-W will require both the EPS Manual and the Guide to Interpretation and Feedback. These are available as a digital combined package from this page. Alternatively, the EPS Manual is available to purchase separately here in both print and digital formats.

Contact Hogrefe to discuss using the EPS-W at your organisation at or +44 (0)1865 797920.

Complimentary eLearning programme

A one-hour eLearning programme is available to psychologists, coaches and HR teams who are looking to start using EPS-W.

This interactive course explains how the test is administered and scored, provides examples of how to use the EPS-W in practice, and delves into the reports which help with interpretation of results when feeding back to employees. It also looks at ethics-related questions.

Users are encouraged to complete the eLearning programme to develop a better understanding of using EPS-W in the workplace. Contact us to get access for free.

Qualification level required:

Test User Occupational: Personality, or equivalent. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance.


The questionnaire is untimed and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.


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