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Intelligence Structure Test (IST)


* Please note that HTS 5 tests are available for self-administration or with Hogrefe’s Administration Service


* Please note that HTS 5 tests are available for self-administration or with Hogrefe’s Administration Service

Standard Report - self-administration
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Providing an intelligence test battery with a broad range of applications, based on the structural model of intelligence.

Suitable for

15 years and older.

Product Description

The Intelligence Structure Test (IST) is an intelligence test battery with a broad range of applications based on the structural model of intelligence.

Each area of intelligence is assessed through three sub-tests.

  • The Verbal Intelligence sub-tests are: Sentence Completion, Verbal Analogies and Similarities.
  • The Numerical Intelligence sub-tests are: Numerical Calculations, Number Series and Numerical Signs.
  • The Figural Intelligence sub-tests are: Figure Selection, Cubes and Matrices.

The inclusion of three sub-tests in each area means that several different types of item are used to measure each area. Thus the battery avoids the error of simply equating one particular type of item with an individual area of ability.

When all nine sub-tests are administered together, an overall score for reasoning is computed along with separate scores for each ability area and the sub-tests within that area. Sub-tests can also be administered individually with completion times ranging from 6-10 minutes.

This version of IST contains the verbal, numerical and figural/spatial ability modules:

The following additional components of the complete battery are currently being developed for the UK edition:

  • verbal memory
  • figural memory
  • logical thinking
  • figural-visual knowledge
  • numerical knowledge
  • general knowledge.

The complex structure on which the battery is based is reported in Beauducel, Brocke and Liepmann (2001) and Liepmann, Beauducel, Brocke and Amthauer (2007). The full battery also differentiates fluid intelligence and crystallised intelligence. The IST thus allows intellectual abilities to be assessed in a contemporary and well-differentiated manner.

Qualification level required:

Test User Occupational: Ability, or equivalent. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance.

Available online and in paper and pencil

IST is available online via our Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS) or in paper and pencil. For paper and pencil options, please contact us directly.

Online tests on HTS

Most of our online tests are available through the HTS platform – click here for an overview. To access tests on HTS, users can choose between two options:

  • Test with Hogrefe Administration Service (fixed price: cost of test + £40 admin fee + VAT) whereby Hogrefe manage the test administration process (set up link, download reports)
  • Self-administration (tiered prices) – whereby you have your own HTS account and manage the test administration process, allowing you access to discounted pricing based on the quantity of reports purchased.

To get set up with an HTS account, contact us by email, by phone on +44 (0)1865 797920 or you can purchase the tests directly on our website. We will then set up your account.

Account set up procedure

Once we have received your order, we set up the online HTS account for you, add your test licenses and send you your login details by email. This may take up to one working day.

Test administration process

Once you have received your account login details, you will be able to set up your questionnaires and send them via email to your test takers. Once they complete their test, the report is automatically formulated on the portal, and ready to be downloaded as a pdf.


The total normative sample consisted of 1894 cases. The sample came from England (London and Leeds), Ireland and Wales. It comprised male and female schoolchildren, apprentices, students and professionals from various fields.


Depending on which modules are used, time can range from 77 minutes to 130 minutes.


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