NEO Cards

NEO Cards

Concept creator Margaret Macafee

Paper and Pencil
Paper and Pencil
NEO Cards
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NEO Cards


Facilitates an interactive exploration of the NEO's five domains, all 30 facets and potential indications of working style. Used for assessment feedback and teambuilding.

Product Description

The NEO Personality Inventory is a concise measure of the five major domains of normal adult personality, as well as the six facets that define each domain. NEO Cards were designed for qualified NEO practitioners to use within a feedback conversation. They can assist with the interpretation of a candidate or client's NEO profile, supplementing the narrative Personal Insight Report.

NEO Cards have been designed to a high standard of quality and design to ensure good presentation and long lifespan.

What's in the box?

Each NEO Cards box contains the following:

  • Five Domain Cards – joined in groups of three, depicting the full breadth of the scale (from Very Low/Low to Average to High/Very High). Each card provides a definition of the domain and gives further detail appropriate to the position on the scale.

You can view our video guide, introducing the cards here

The cards are colour-coordinated for easy reference and organisation. Cards related to Extraversion are in yellow, Agreeableness is represented by green, Openness is pink, Conscientiousness is orange, and Emotional Reactivity is blue. Domain Cards are in a darker shade than their respective Facet Cards.

Each card is flexibly connected within its trio, meaning that any two cards within the trio can easily fold flat behind a selected card.

  • Behind each of the Domain Cards, you will find their six corresponding Facet Cards. The 30 Facet Cards replicate the Domain Card design described above, but are paler in shade than their respective Domain Cards.
  • Four Categorisation Cards to reflect the current NEO Personal Insight Report structure:
    Problem-Solving and Decision-Making; Planning, Organising and Implementing; Style of Relating to Others; and Personal Style.


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