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PASAT Effective Sales & Customer Service Predictor

Steve Poppleton, PhD & Peter Jones

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* Please note that HTS 5 tests are available for self-administration or with Hogrefe’s Administration Service

Paper and Pencil
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* Please note that HTS 5 tests are available for self-administration or with Hogrefe’s Administration Service

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PASAT is an extensively researched and rigorously constructed personality questionnaire designed to measure those personality attributes with a direct bearing on successfulperformance in a sales and customer service led environment.Even if the test taker has no prior experience in sales, the PASAT can help identify whether they have the temperament and behavioural style to be effective.

Suitable for

Professionals - Used for selection, sales training and development.

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Product Description

PASAT has eight main scales

  • Social Adjustment - the tendency to establish and maintain effective relationships with others.
  • Motivational Adjustment - is concerned with goal-directed behaviour and with seeking challenges.
  • Emotional Adjustment - is concerned with coping effectively with emotionally challenging events and in showing resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Adaptability - is concerned with the capacity to embrace change, adapt to it and generally react in a positive way towards it.
  • Conscientiousness - is concerned with doing things conscientiously, planning, paying attention to detail and following rules.
  • Social Control - is concerned with influencing others by a variety of means, including deception.
  • Emotional Stability - is concerned with mood control.
  • Self-Assurance - is essentially concerned with having a positive view of oneself.

In addition, PASAT has three further scales designed to detect the ability to manage the impression of the test taker:

  • Attentive Distortion - attention to the social cues given by others as a guide to one's own behaviour.
  • Adaptive Distortion - adapting one's own behaviour to match or compliment that of others.
  • Social Distortion - this scale is composed of items which are inclined to be distorted when a person is giving inaccurate responses.

More and more jobs, which historically would not have been classified as sales roles, now involve an element of sales. PASAT can be used to select staff in all such areas, which, whilst not exclusively sales, have or will have, a significant sales perspective. PASAT can also be used in training and development, either as a diagnostic tool or as an evaluation method, as the behaviours tested are directly related to sales environments.

Qualification level required:
Test User Occupational: Personality, or equivalent. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance.


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