The Dark Triad of Personality in Personnel Selection

The Dark Triad of Personality in Personnel Selection

af Dominik Schwarzinger


The Dark Triad of Personality in Personnel Selection
ISBN: 9780889376182
1st ed. 2023, viii/192 Sider
280,00 kr
The Dark Triad of Personality in Personnel Selection


How to identify the Dark Triad in personnel selection

  • Presents the latest research and theories
  • Highlights the gains and risks of these traits
  • Provides concrete recommendations for use in selection processes
  • Summarizes legal and professional guidelines

Learn to successfully identify the Dark Triad for personnel selection

This book explores the theoretical basis and state of the art of research on narcissism, Machiavellianism, and subclinical psychopathy. It also answers complex questions on the structure of the Dark Triad and its measurement for practical applications. Learn about how people high in these characteristics can, on the one hand, experience individual career success and show adaptive performance in specific fields and situations and, on other hand, present severe risks to others in the workplace with abusive and destructive leadership and counterproductive behavior. In addition, the author summarizes the legal and professional guidelines when assessing the dark personality characteristics of job applicants, examines the acceptance and social validity of such assessments, evaluates the available instruments, and makes recommendations for practical applications and further research.

With the focus on practical applications, the book presents the development, quality, and application of a test to capture the Dark Triad in the workplace designed for use in organizations. Concrete recommendations are given on how to use the characteristics narcissism, Machiavellianism, and subclinical psychopathy in personnel selection.

Researchers and practitioners interested in applying the Dark Triad in personnel work will find this book full of valuable information on how to undertake legally compliant processes and how to utilize the great potential the Dark Triad personality characteristics have in making decisions on aptitude.

Praise for the book

"This book offers an excellent overview of the theoretical foundations of the Dark Triad and its relation to other personality constructs, especially the Big Five. Readers learn about the history of the underlying research and assessment-related aspects, and are provided with practical recommendations. I was very impressed by the comprehensive approach and the easy-to-understand presentation. This is a book that much can be taken from."
Prof. Matthias Ziegler, PhD, Department of Psychology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany

"This book is an excellent starting point for everyone interested in learning about the Dark Triad traits and their relationships to a variety of social and workplace outcomes. It provides a comprehensive history of the Dark Triad concept, critical commentary on the current standing of this literature, and helpful suggestions for how an understanding of the Dark Triad traits in the workplace could be enhanced through the development of better measures and more robust research designs. In short, it is an accessible, engaging, and informative introductory text for those who are interested in exploring the ways in which the Dark Triad may be relevant for understanding the world of work."
Prof. Peter D. Harms, PhD, Department of Management, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

“Dr. Schwarzinger has produced an organized and accessible collection of research related to the Dark Triad traits at work. It is a great resource for scholars and practitioners who seek to explore the research on the Dark Triad. It takes the reader through the foundational steps of what the Dark Triad is, how these traits affect the workplace, and the steps that need to be taken to address future challenges. Thus, it not only covers the basics, but goes beyond to propose applied solutions. In doing so, Dr. Schwarzinger takes the Dark Triad research out of the abstract and into the applied with a comprehensive volume on a badly needed topic.”
Daniel N. Jones, PhD, Management and Interdisciplinary Social Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA

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