Time and Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Time and Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

herausgegeben von Hede Helfrich, Erich Hölter, Igor V. Arzhenovskiy

Time and Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616764326
1st edition 2013, 228 Seiten
Time and Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Differing concepts of time and its management across cultures are a significant problem in global organizations – this book analyzes why and looks for solutions

Culturally different attitudes to time management can be extremely harmful in multinational organizations. More than half of all conflicts between Russian and Western European managers, for instance, have been shown to concern time.

Providing new theoretical insights as well as practical advice, this book addresses time-related behaviors and policies in the labor world with analyses of empirical experience by researchers from different disciplines and countries. Three main issues are covered: similarities and differences between nations, variations within countries across trades and industries, and applications in terms of general strategy and functioning in a global marketplace.

With contributions by researchers from countries such as Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, USA, France, and India, this uniquely international and interdisciplinary book will be of interest to researchers, students, and managers in disciplines such as sociology, psychology, economics, business administration, and education.

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"We can warmly recommenel this very interesting book that gives a valuable insight of Managementof Time in different countries!"
Susanne Strobach at http://www.SusanneStrobach.at

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