Aerospace Psychology and Human Factors

Applied Methods and Techniques

herausgegeben von Ioana V. Koglbauer, Sonja Biede-Straussberger

Aerospace Psychology and Human Factors
ISBN: 9780889376472
2025, xvi/290 Seiten
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Explore the critical importance of integrating the human element in aerospace

  • Based on cutting-edge research
  • Written by experts from academia and industry
  • Explores the use of extended reality technologies
In the face of evolving technological and societal challenges, this book delves into the advanced psychological and human elements essential for ensuring safety in aerospace operations and development. Written by experts in academia and the aerospace industry, the volume explores powerful techniques for system safety engineering, innovative design approaches for cockpits, cabins, and space vehicles, and strategies for creating effective assistance systems and implementing artificial intelligence. Chapters present methods for studying typical hazards related to human operations in space, in the air, and on the ground. Additionally, the book explores the use of extended reality technologies (e.g., virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) to enhance operators' perceptions and explore uncharted territories in the universe. Proposals are also made for advancing industry standards and effectively integrating human and organizational factors within the aviation industry. This is an invaluable resource for practitioners, researchers and students interested in aerospace, as well as professionals from other safety critical domains (e.g., medicine, automotive, rail).

Praise for the book

“Relying on the experience and innovative spirit of international experts, this book shares practical techniques on how to address future challenges and focus on the human well-being, safety, and performance in aerospace.”
Réne Obermann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Airbus SE

“Challenging the status quo, this book shares how human-centered methods help to push safety and innovation in one of the technically most advanced industries, the aerospace sector!”
Dr. Michael Schöllhorn, CEO Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, President of the German Aerospace Industries Association

“Are you involved in the design, training, operation, or safety monitoring of future airplanes and space travel, planning to use STPA, AI, VR, or AR? Then this excellent selection of the latest research papers by leading human factors experts from both industry and academia is for you. I highly recommend it as reading for anyone committed to advancing human–machine collaboration in the aviation and space technology field to the next level!”
Mirjana Fritsche, Pilot, Aviation Expert, Liaison Member of S7 SAE, committee for Flight Deck and Handling Qualities Standards for Transport Aircraft

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