Handbook of Aviation Neuropsychology

A Practical Guide for the Clinician

herausgegeben von Robert Bor, Carina Eriksen, Randy J. Georgemiller, Alastair L. Gray

Handbook of Aviation Neuropsychology
ISBN: 9780889376397
2025, xvi/500 Seiten
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Improve the future of aviation safety with this essential resource

  • A comprehensive overview of aviation neuropsychology
  • Written by leading experts from academia and industry

The field of aviation neuropsychology helps us to understand and improve human performance and safety in the aerospace industry, both for the estimated 300,000+ commercial pilots and the 4.5 billion passengers they transport every year. This handbook brings together a group of internationally renown academic and industry experts to provide a comprehensive overview of the background, goals, principles, challenges, and associated practice skills and research themes of aviation neuropsychology.

After an introduction to the history and development of aviation psychology, additional sections focus on the importance of prevention and resilience to enhance airline workers’ cognitive and mental functioning to reduce the risk of human errors and accidents as well as the different aspects of assessment, including pilot medical certification, neuropsychological testing, and cultural considerations. Additional chapters explore how we can learn from past errors and build on existing strengths. Finally, special aspects are examined, including the role of different common conditions (e.g., neurological and psychological disorders) and report writing in aviation. Readers will find the book full of unique insights, theory, and research, giving them a comprehensive overview of the field.

While the book is designed primarily for health care professionals, neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, aviation psychologists, aviation medical examiners, neurologists, and flight safety specialists, it will be of interest to other professionals inside and outside of aviation, including professionals in other safety critical settings or researchers looking to improve safety in the aviation industry.

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