Movies and Mental Illness

Movies and Mental Illness

Using Films to Understand Psychopathology

von Danny Wedding

Movies and Mental Illness
ISBN: 9780889375536
5th edition 2024, xviii/514 Seiten
Erscheint November 2023
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Movies and Mental Illness

The popular, critically acclaimed text on psychopathology in movies – now including the latest movies and more

  • Explores films according to the diagnostic criteria of DSM-5 and ICD-11
  • Provides psychological ratings of nearly 1,500 films
  • Includes downloadable teaching materials

Films can be a powerful aid to learning about mental illness and psychopathology – for practitioners and students in fields as diverse as psychology, psychiatry, social work, medicine, nursing, counseling, literature, or media studies, and for anyone interested in mental health. Watching films relevant to mental health can actually help you become a more productive therapist and a more astute diagnostician. Movies and Mental Illness, written by an eminent clinical psychologist (who is also a movie aficionado), has established a reputation as a uniquely enjoyable and highly memorable text for learning about psychopathology.

This new edition has been completely revised to explore current issues, such as children’s screentime and celebrities with mental illness, and to include the numerous films that have been released since the last edition. The core clinical chapters raise provocative questions about differential diagnosis (according to the DSM-5 and ICD-11) for the primary characters portrayed in the films. Included are also a full index of films; sample course syllabus; ratings of close to 1,500 films; fascinating appendices, such as “Top 50 Heroes and Villains,” psychotherapists in movies, and misconceptions about mental illness in movies.

Planned to accompany this new edition is a free regular online newsletter to introduce readers to new films as they are released, as well as downloadable tools for teachers that include critical questions and topics for discussion. Fabricated case histories based on movie characters with Mini-Mental State Examinations help explain, teach, and encourage discussion about important mental health disorders.

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