Ethics for European Psychologists

Ethics for European Psychologists

by Geoff Lindsay, Haldor Øvreeide, Casper Koene

Print edition
Print edition
Ethics for European Psychologists
ISBN: 9780889376373
2nd ed. 2024, xii/212 pages
Due August 2024
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Ethics for European Psychologists

Guidance for psychologists on ethical dilemmas that matter today

  • New updated edition
  • Based on the Meta-code of Ethics of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA)
  • Full of practical examples

The understanding of and adherence to professional ethics is fundamental in navigating the moral encounters and dilemmas that all psychologists face in their daily work, whether in research or professional practice. Core values and principles remain stable. However, as more complex and conflicting societal contexts come into play, the individual psychologist and the professional community need support in upholding a solid moral integrity. The volume is a welcome resource for any psychologist or student wanting to foresee, prevent, and professionally manage, in an ethically responsible way, the moral challenges that arise. The framework for this timely, second edition remains the Meta-code of Ethics of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA), which is an important asset in addressing the challenges faced by the profession now and in the coming years. The discussions of the principles on the meta-code are further developed and the authors have extended the number and types of practical examples to vividly illustrate ethical challenges and dilemmas faced. Read, discuss, and evaluate your practice.

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