Mindfulness and Character Strengths

A Practitioner’s Guide to MBSP

by Ryan M. Niemiec

Print edition
Mindfulness and Character Strengths (PDF & EPUB)
ISBN: 9781616765903
2nd ed. 2024, xxiv/384 pages
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Print edition
Mindfulness and Character Strengths
ISBN: 9780889375901
2nd ed. 2024, xxiv/384 pages
Excluding tax
Mindfulness and Character Strengths

The #1 mindfulness-based program combining mindfulness and character strengths

  • Detailed primer on combining mindfulness with character strengths
  • Step-by-step guidance through the 8-session program
  • Full of inspiring quotes and stories

Support your clients along the mindfulness journey that plays to their strengths

This new, fully revised, and expanded second edition of the handbook for the groundbreaking, evidence-based Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) program is the guide you need in your professional practice. Developed by author Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec, scientist, educator, practitioner, and a global leader in mindfulness and character strengths, the MBSP approach is about the discovery, deepening awareness, exploration, and application of character strengths. It is about understanding and improving how we pay attention in life – the quality by which we eat, walk, work, listen, and experience joy and peace. And it is about seeing our potential – which sits underneath our strengths of perseverance, bravery, curiosity, hope, kindness, fairness, and leadership – and which, unleashed, could benefit the world. MBSP is not only about our clients’ own happiness, it is about the happiness of others too. And it is an evolving, evidence-based program that can help people to relieve their suffering by using mindfulness and character strengths to cope with, overcome, or transcend problems, stressors, and conflicts.

Counselors, coaches, psychologists, researchers, educators, and managers will discover the “how-to” delivery of mindfulness and character strengths. Following primers on the two strands of MBSP and deeper discussions about their integration, practitioners are then led step-by-step through the 8 sessions of the popular MBSP program. The session structure, scripts, tips, lecture material, processes, examples, and audio files are all there ready for use. This time-tested manual can bring beginners up-to-date on these topics while also serving to stimulate, inform, and provide valuable tools to the intermediate and most advanced students of mindfulness and character strengths.

Audio tracks and accompanying scripts as well as appendices on MBSP are available for download and clinical use.

A companion workbook is also available for clients.

From the reviews

“Ryan Niemiec shows how merging the awareness of character strengths with intentional mindfulness can enhance both practices.
The book is structured to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the MBSP (mindfulness-based strengths practice) program. Meticulously outlined, complete with objectives, activities, and discussions, Niemiec explains each concept and how to use it, as well as providing research evidence for why it works. This could have been a dry text, but instead it is both engaging and accessible, with inspiring quotations and real-life stories that can help theoretical aspects of the book resonate.
Practitioners will know what to do but also why it works. This balance is crucial for professionals in psychology, education, coaching, and management who seek reliable methods backed by empirical evidence.”

Sherri Fisher, MEd, MAPP, Washington, DC, in Positive Psychology News, 2024

From the Foreword of the first edition:

"Outstanding...insightful...path breaking"
James O. Pawelski, Director of Education and Senior Scholar at the Positive Psychology Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Praise for the book:

"In this remarkable book, Ryan Niemiec brings alive the synergy between the rich body of mindfulness teachings and a pioneering model for understanding character strengths. By demonstrating how mindful attention can be directed in a systematic and precise way to awaken our full potential, this guidebook makes a remarkable contribution to the field of transformation and spiritual awakening."
Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

"Mindfulness and Character Strengths is a cogent, nuanced articulation of the principles and practice of mindfulness as applied in the context of positive psychology. Ryans rich experience as a meditation practitioner illuminates the work."
Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness, The Force of Kindness, and Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation, and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society

"By bringing together two powerful practices – mindfulness and character strengths – Ryan Niemiec has created a practical, effective, and inspiring program that can benefit individuals and organizations. Reading and applying the ideas in this book can help you fulfill your potential for happiness and success."
Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, author of Happier and Being Happy

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