Strengths-Based Resilience

Strengths-Based Resilience

A Positive Psychology Program

by Tayyab Rashid, Jane Gillham, Afroze Anjum

Print edition
Print edition
Strengths-Based Resilience
ISBN: 9780889375642
Due August 2021
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Strengths-Based Resilience

Use this beautifully illustrated positive psychology program to help clients build resilience:

  • Evidence-based
  • Skills that clients can integrate into daily life
  • Clearly structured sessions
  • Full of handouts and activities

More about the book

Informed by rigorous research from positive psychology, cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness, the Strengths-Based Resilience (SBR) program helps participants cultivate resilience in the face of different adverse life phases, whether it is challenges in higher education, work, relationships, or more. While it may not be possible to eliminate the risks, setbacks, and challenges participants face in life, they can enhance their use of strengths and learn new skills to deal with them.

The 14-session SBR program helps clients to build resilience through a series of evidence-based skills, with the core lessons focusing on:

  • Integrating mindfulness, relaxation, and gratitude into daily selfcare routines
  • Developing a personal story of resilience
  • Learning a more flexible thinking style
  • Identifying and using strengths to solve problems
  • Incorporating slowness and savoring
  • Practicing positive communication for healthier relationships
  • Pursuing a sense of meaning, also through everyday actions

This color illustrated book is full of copiable handouts for clients, and each session is clearly structured with step-by step instructions, listing the practice elements and goals of each session.

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