Assessment of Eating Behavior

Assessment of Eating Behavior

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Assessment of Eating Behavior
ISBN: 9780889376168
2023, viii/300 Seiten
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Assessment of Eating Behavior

A comprehensive guide to the tools available for assessing diverse eating behaviors

  • Written by internationally renowned authors
  • Looks at diverse assessment methods
  • Presents the relevant psychometric properties
  • Looks at disordered as well as general eating behavior
  • Explores newer topics, e.g., neophobia, intuitive eating, grazing, disgust sensitivity

Eating behavior encompasses a broad range of aspects: from under- to overeating and from normal to pathological eating. The expert contributors to this volume provide a comprehensive overview of assessment methods for eating behavior research and clinical practice, which include both self-report questionnaires and structured interviews as well as assessment of food intake in the laboratory, ecological momentary assessment, cognitive-behavioral tasks, and psychophysiological measures. They explore the assessment of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and others. They also address topics that may be associated with disordered eating and obesity but are also relevant in persons without these conditions, such as restrained eating and dieting, emotional eating, food craving and food “addiction,” orthorexia nervosa, intuitive and mindful eating, and grazing. Further topics that are strongly connected to eating behavior such as body image, physical activity, body composition and expenditure, food neophobia and disgust sensitivity, and weight-related stigmatization are also examined. This book is essential reading for researchers working in clinical and health psychology, consumer psychology, psychiatry, and nutrition science as well as practitioners, including psychotherapists, physicians, nutrition counsellors, who assess eating behavior and related aspects in their daily work.

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