Charlie, Are You Daydreaming Again?

Charlie, Are You Daydreaming Again?

by Stefanie Heyden, Fabian Grolimund

Print edition
Print edition
Charlie, Are You Daydreaming Again?
ISBN: 9780889376359
2024, viii/240 pages
Due March 2024
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Charlie, Are You Daydreaming Again?

An exciting and supportive storybook for daydreamy children and their parents

  • A beautifully illustrated color storybook about ADHD
  • An engaging and relatable story
  • Provides psychological tips for children

It’s not easy being a 10-year-old rabbit girl. Charlie’s parents and her strict teacher, Mrs. Lynx, are constantly finding fault with her: “Pay attention! Stop daydreaming!” Just as well she has a second life as a famous pirate that she can escape to when things get too much. In her fantasy world, she experiences amazing adventures and fights against her enemy (who looks surprisingly similar to her teacher).

Luckily, Charlie has her best friends at her side: the hardworking and slightly shy duck Muriel and the cuddly bear Frida, who would love to be a ballerina.

Charlie is struggling with endless homework, exams, bad grades and her forgetfulness. But then one day in the Lost Forest she meets an unusual forest dweller who knows the value of daydreaming and lets her in on an ancient secret...

A book to be read by or to daydreamy elementary school children who would like to learn:

  • how to concentrate better when learning at home and at school,
  • why dreaming is also valuable,
  • how to discover their own strengths,
  • how to be better organized and forget less.

A story about school, friendship, and family relationships that is thought provoking and invites conversations between children and parents.

The book is also ideal for reading in class.

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