Consultation and Mental Health Interventions in School Settings

A Scientist–Practitioner’s Guide

Edited by: Ester Cole, Maria Kokai

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Consultation and Mental Health Interventions in School Settings (PDF & EPUB)
ISBN: 9781616765835
2021, x/394 pages
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Print edition
Consultation and Mental Health Interventions in School Settings
ISBN: 9780889375833
2021, x/394 pages
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Consultation and Mental Health Interventions in School Settings

Optimize the delivery of school psychology services with this book:

  • Presents a unique consultation and intervention model
  • Interlinks primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and intervention applications
  • Addresses specific student and school-level needs
  • Online resources and handouts

More about the book

This volume written by leading psychology practitioners and academics has been designed to meet the ever-growing challenges faced by educational systems to address the mental health, learning, and socialization needs of students.

Using a unique and comprehensive consultation and intervention model, the chapters provide evidence-based guidance that interlinks primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and intervention applications that allow for systematic consultation, planning, and cost-effective services. The clear and easy to apply model is used to look at specific student needs that are commonly encountered in schools (e.g., depression, ADHD, giftedness) and at issues that require school-level interventions (e.g., diversity, promoting resilience). Practitioners will appreciate the numerous downloadable practical resources and tools for hands-on applications that are available online to purchasers of the book. This book is an invaluable resource for school psychologists and mental health service providers, as well as for academics involved in training pre-service practitioners.

The materials for this book can be downloaded from the Hogrefe website after registration.

The editors discuss their book

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From the reviews

“The proactive and preventive orientation of this text is an important contribution to the field. One of [its] major strengths is its proactive, preventative and practical orientation that balances the reality of school contexts with theory, research, and practice. This is particularly well accomplished with the appendices provided for each chapter, that not only provide links to online resources, research, and clinical considerations, but also provide resources that clinicians can use to improve their practice. Overall, this text is an invaluable addition to teaching resources, as well as an excellent primer for new school psychologists and for those who have rich experience.”
Janine Newton Montgomery, PhD, in Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 38, 182-185

“Schools are often overwhelmed by the challenges of addressing growing needs for mental health services. In their edited volume Consultation and Mental Health Interventions in School Settings, Cole and Kokai offer helpful guidance and resources for providing consultation and intervention in school settings. [They] present an integrated school-based consultation and intervention model that addresses a continuum of goals and services. Practitioners will appreciate [the] downloadable resources such as handouts for psychoeducation and professional development, sample protocols, surveys and assessment tools, and links to additional resources.
This book will be useful for graduate students or for practitioners seeking guidance and resources for providing a range of mental health services in schools. Even seasoned professionals will likely appreciate the up-to-date references and practical resources for providing both direct and consultative services in school settings.”

Kim Sherman, in NASP Communiqué, 51, 38 (2023)

“Cole and Kokai are highly accomplished practitioners, researchers, authors and leaders in child and adolescent psychology and school psychology [and] have done a wonderful job covering the many elements of what is a very complex role in schools. The text is written in a very simple and accessible way, yet it is comprehensive. It has achieved a balance of theory and practice that few textbooks do [and] offers comprehensive advice on, and examples of, how to establish and provide mental health services and supports in schools. There are numerous practical resources that can be printed or accessed digitally.
I recommend this book to counsellors, mental health clinicians and psychologists working in and with schools.”

Emina McLean, School of Education, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, in Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties (2022), 27, 181-183

“This book is invaluable [and] provides a structure and sense of direction for practitioners during this time of change and demand for mental health curriculum in schools. The goal is for educators within the school system to become "consultees" with the psychologist acting in the active role as consultant. It is a deep book written in an organized, practical style. The editors did an outstanding job of remaining brief, to the point, and clear on the directions, steps, and philosophy teams can take to successfully integrate mental health into schools at all levels, focusing on student needs. This guide stands out as excellent.”
Sherie Huber, MS, Past President, Illinois Council for Exceptional Children, Glen Ellyn, IL, in Doody's Reviews 2021

“Cole and Kokai’s Consultation and Mental Health Interventions in School Settings: A Scientist-Practitioner’s Guide arrives in a very timely manner, with documented increases in mental health issues and disorders in children and youth. The editors and authors offer a solution – a simple yet elegant practice model, the consultation model for psychological services in schools. Cole and Kokai have done a masterful job. Both have a stellar professional background with impeccable relevant experience. Authors keep to their task, i.e., explaining how the model can be used for specific student diagnoses, conditions, and issues. Unique and helpful contributions are seen throughout the book. This book delivers on what is promised. It is an extremely useful resource for school psychology training purposes. In my opinion, it should be read by every practicing school psychologist.”
Debra Lean, Section on Psychology in Education, Ontario Psychological Association, in Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment (2021), 39, 264-266

Praise for the book

“There has never been a more critical time for school-based mental health services, and this new edited volume will become a seminal contribution for those engaged in this work. Bravo to all who have contributed to this important new book!”
Mary Ann McCabe, PhD, ABPP, George Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, DC, USA

“Cole and Kokai offer an essential resource for trainees and seasoned school psychologists alike, masterfully weaving together chapters illustrating best practices for addressing a wide range of critical behavioral health, learning, and environmental challenges experienced by today’s students. The book will increase your skills in matching student needs to the appropriate level of care while enhancing your effectiveness as both a collaborator and a clinician.”
Barbara Ward-Zimmerman, PhD, NCSP, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA

“Cole and Kokai’s important book details how schools can optimally support the well-being of their students. Schools that follow its guidance are expected to have a meaningful positive impact on their students’ life trajectory.”
Sarah L. Friedman, PhD, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA

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