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ICTI - Integrative Child Temperament Inventory

1st edition 2013

by Marcel R. Zentner, Feng Wang

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* Online assessments are accessed through the Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS)


* Online assessments are accessed through the Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS)

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Standard Report

Area of use

The temperament of a child is widely acknowledged to be an important factor in their emotional and educational development. The Integrative Child Temperament Inventory (ICTI) is a standardized assessment of child temperament for use in applied settings with children aged 2 to 8 years.

Qualification Level B

Language Versions

US English, UK English

Product Description

The ICTI is used to assess aspects of temperament in children, measuring child temperament traits for which a broad consensus now exists across theories. The assessment covers the following core dimensions of temperament; the individual scales are combined to form a temperament profile:

  • Frustration/Anger
  • Behavioural Inhibition
  • Activity Level
  • Attention/Persistence
  • Sensory Sensitivity

The ICTI is available online and the report includes a graphical profile and narrative to assist in conversations with parents or caregivers and provides a basis for any interventions. When a child is being tested in the context of an individual clinical assessment, a temperament profile should not be considered in isolation, but take into account the upbringing of the child as well as current and previous diagnostic statuses.

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The internal consistency coefficients were satisfactory across the US norm group, ranging from .74 to .85. Test-retest was completed on a subsample of UK participants, and coefficients range from .73 to .88.

Test Validity

Factorial and convergent validity studies are described in the test manual.


Age group specific US norms (n=3,491) and UK norms (n=1,134).

Processing Time

Administration time is approximately 30 minutes.

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